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Our Pastor

Pastor Mi'guel Adams M.A., Pastor, 2000-Present
My Spiritual Journey began with the Lord when I was 17 years of age. The Lord drew me to himself after I graduated from high school, and I gave my life to Jesus Christ in the summer of 1980. When I was in college working on my undergraduate degree, God called me to preach the gospel. I was a young man when God spoke to me to preach his Son Jesus Christ. Early on I was not comfortable with my calling; however, I did accept it. I could not resist His love neither His power that I experienced. The Lord has apppeared several times to me over the course of my ministry in a divine way. He revealed to me His presence and His glory in April 1990. That experience assured me of His love, grace, and power. The miracles, signs, and wonders that I have experienced in the 30 years of ministry have been awesome and I am grateful to God for allowing me to see such wonders in my life. He has blessed my soul with salvation and the filling of the holy Spirit. I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all of my heart and one day I will see him again in eternity. I have a charge to keep and a God to glorify and I am working for the Savior each day.
The vision that God gave me for Divine Mission Church of God is simplistic, presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone who will attend our services. The church doctrine is established on the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, with Jesus Christ being the one that we preach, having our parishioners sound in faith and the doctrine of the Holy Scriptures. Cultivating our parishioners' spiritual life through prayer, building a strong and lasting ministry of love and service to the commmunity of faith, helping people reach their potential in this life through education and following their God giving purpose.
The bible character that I can most relate to concerning my calling is Moses. I can identify with his life and character. His close relationship with God and the Divine experiences that he had with the Lord.
I received Christ Jesus as my personal savior and Lord at the age of 17 years old. I have a B.S. degree in Marketing.   I've finished my Master degree in Pastoral Counseling in 2012. I'm pursuing my Ph.D in Ministry.
My ministries at the present time consist of pastoring Divine Mission Church of God and working at Heartland Hospice as a chaplain. I visit the sick, prayer for the lost, and depressed. I help people find meaning for their lives and hope that sustains them in troubled times.